V*COMMS emphasizes excellent post-sales services and customer support ranging from repair and maintenance to calibration services, for both warranty and non-warranty products. Our one-stop service center, with an excellent team of highly-skilled technicians, allows hassle-free product support and services.*

V*COMMS highly recommends regular calibration to ensure products are maintained at peak performance. Regular calibration is important for accurate measurements and to prolong product life span.

Our products are designed to maximize utility through our wide range of hardware upgrade services. Contact us to enquire about the upgrade service that best suits your needs.

V*COMMS offers additional one (1) and two (2) year hardware warranty extensions with the same coverage as the original. (Note: warranty extensions must be purchased while still within the original warranty period.)

Please complete the following form and specify the type of services needed. Our Customer Support Personnel will be in contact with you shortly.

*NOTE: V*COMMS Services will be closed between Christmas and New Year

Throughout our partnership history with Agilent, JDSU, and now Viavi Solutions, V*COMMS extends hardware calibration, repair, and upgrade services to all models of W1314A, W1314B, and W1314L scanners and receivers.

Hardware Repair

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Warranty Extension



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